The Columbus Hotel, located at St. James Place and Pacific Avenue, was originally built by the Knights of Columbus in 1927. The organization operated it as a hotel until some time during the Great Depression, when it was sold to another hotelier. The building continued to operate under the same name as a regular hotel until 1969, when it and the neighboring Flanders Hotel were converted into retirement homes. The Columbus continued to advertise itself as a “Hotel,” however, catering to elderly clientele and providing them with meals included in their lodging fees. Columbus Hotel operated until 1985. In 2011, the building was scheduled for demolition. However, as different buyers have shown an interest in the property, it is still standing today. H009.KnightsofColumbusColumbusHotel
 IMG 3096  A postcard image of the Columbus Hotel, undated.
From the Atlantic City Heritage Collections, H009.KnightsofColumbusColumbusHotel.
 The Columbus Hotel, photographed in 2011 when it was slated for demolition.
From the Atlantic City Heritage Collections


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