Library eCard Application

If you are a teacher or student in the Atlantic City School System, please apply for a ACBOE eCard

  ACBOE Student eCard  

  ACBOE Teacher's eCard  

The Library eCard gives you access to nearly all our entire online library, available 24/7, including eBooks, audiobooks, downloadable movies, music, magazines, newspapers, international content, online learning, research and more. Some eRources are only available when you are in the library. Completing this form now will provide you with free access to a vast digital collection.

There are never any late fees or due dates to remember. When a lending time is up, the content will automatically disappear from your device.

In order to check out physical books and materials from the Atlantic City Free Public Library, please visit our library once we reopen to convert your Library eCard into a Full-Membership Card.

Library eCards are available to anyone living in Atlantic County. Full-Membership Cards, which can be provided to you for free when you visit a library, are available to residents of Atlantic County, New Jersey. Full-Membership Cards provide access to both physical and digital collections. To renew your eCard please call the library during operating hours and speak to a staff member at the Circulation Desk (609) 345-2269 ext. 3070.

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I agree to obey the policies, rules and regulations of the Atlantic City Free Public Library. I understand that staff may only share account information with the person whose name is listed on the account and that eCard accounts are not linked to other cards in my household. I confirm that the above information is correct and I will promptly notify the library if my address or contact information changes.

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